Independent Delhi Escorts

Life is beautiful gift of God to all of us and We are created such as to give pleasure and have pleasure, i enjoy my work, and once you enjoy your work you give best of the services. We offer finest Independent escort Services in Delhi.
My Encounter Fantasy
I was with High profile client for Delhi Escorts.. as we met the bottle of wine came in Handy, we both sat back and switched on the Tv and began watching latest Bollywood music video, kissing and snipping, Kissing and snipping.. it felt that we are known to each other for years, as if we could say anything or think anything.
About an hour later, the wine bottle empty, we both were belting around out old Hindi film numbers, all cares shoved aside. Then a time for a quick showers The bathtub was luxury, we sat on the edge of the tub naked, watching the water fill, chatting about that. he asked the house keeping for bubble bath, blase about doing so even at that late hour and entire room soon smelt of levender; mountain of foams covered, the entiire bath tub. we slipped into tub opposite sides. We soaked in
warmth for for the first few minutes, our bodies lying easily next to esch other, the foam all around them softening the water and making it seems more welcoming.
My feet made the first move, quickly seeking out his crotch, his protest of oit’s only been half an hour were brushed aside, in this case almost literally. Deciding offence is the best defence, his foot too moved into action as well, i use my hand to guide his foot, my head thrown back, used my foot to play footsie with his tired penis. now i was on top of him, legs wrapped around his back as he half sat, water splased and gurgled their, their rocking motion unleashing a miniatute tsumani inside the tub and creating a miniature lake district on the bathroom floor. i came multiple times, and my oragsm was not only audible but also visible as my arms thrashed the water. He came again and my knowing smile let him know that i felt pulsation and his suprise.
We used dry towels to first dry our selves.. the housekeeing was sure to find enough material for gossip. in coupleof hours i was massaging his nether regions. we mad elove twice again before going for breakfast. We both laft a little later, heading our seperate ways in our seperate cars.
Month later, we met in another city, at another hotel and caought up for few minutes at a coffee shop. meomories of night come flooding back to both of us. He remembered the suprise at the fifth orgasm, the tiny dribble of it, what a magnificienr Journey of Delhi Escorts.


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